COGCI Ph.d course



November 2007


Correlation between the GRIP ice cores GRIP 2, NorthGRIP, Northern lake chronologies and tree ring chronologies, compared with contemporary African lake events from the last 20.000 years - Concepts and methods.




A four days crash course at the Brorfelde field station


Medio November 2007

  • The course includes a one-day excursion to adjacent Glacial, Late Glacial and Holocene lake basins including a near shore lake-system flooded by the Atlantic marine Littorina transgressions.
  • The course will include lectures and exercises.
  • Sediment core interpretations
  • A visit to the ice core laboratory



The program outlined below is flexible and can be modified according to weather etc.


Teaching staff

Nanna Noe-Nygaard€, Jørgen P. Steffensen*, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen* and Sigfus Johnsen*. The Ice core groupe at The Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen and the palaeo -climate groupe at €Geological Institute, Copenhagen, and a number of guest lectures