Sven Jonasson

Botanical Institute, University of Copenhagen

Oester Farimagsgade 2D

DK-1353 Copenhagen K


Phone +45 353 22268

Fax: +45 353 22123

Email: [email protected]





Professor in Plant Ecology. Scientific leader of the Department of Physiological Ecology.



Research interests:


General plant ecology and plant physiological ecology particularly arctic ecology and global change issues, biogeochemistry.



Five recent, relevant publications:


Jonasson, S., Michelsen, A., Schmidt, I.K. and Nielsen, E.V. 1999. Responses in microbes and plants to changed temperature, nutrient and light regimes in the arctic. – Ecology 80:1828-1843.

Schmidt, I.K., Jonasson, S. and Michelsen, A. 1999. Mineralization and microbial immobilization of N and P in arctic soils in relation to season, temperature and nutrient amendment - Applied Soil Ecology 11:147-160.

Christensen, T.R., Friborg T., Sommerkorn, M., Kaplan, J., Illeris, L., Soegaard, H., Nordstrøm, C. and. Jonasson, S. 2000. Trace gas exchange in a high arctic valley. 1. Variations in CO2 and CH4 flux between tundra vegetation types. - Global Biogeochemical Cycles 14: 701-713.

Jonasson, S., Shaver, G.R. and Chapin, F.S., III. In press. Biogeochemistry in the Arctic: Patterns, processes and controls. - In: E.-D. Schulze E.D., Harrison, S.P., Heimann, M., Holland, E. A., Lloyd, J. J., Prentice, I. C., Schimel, D. (Eds.) Global Biogeochemical Cycles in the Climate System. Academic Press, New York.

Shaver, G.R., Canadell, J., Chapin, F.S., Gurevitch, J., Harte, J., Henry, G., Ineson, P., Jonasson, S., Melillo, J., Pitelka, L. and Rustad, L. In press. Global warming and terrestrial ecosystems: A conceptual framework for analysis. - BioScience.