Student guidelines

  1. A COGCI PhD project must me a genuine collaboration between the university and one of the research institutions DMI, DMU or GEUS.

  2. Shortly after you have been approved as a COGCI PhD student you should receive a welcome letter from the secretariat.

  3. Your first 6 months report must include your final study programme.

  4. The 6 months reports are due on date and must be signed (by student and supervisors) and send to the COGCI secretariat, Øster Voldgade 3, 1350 København K. The reports must use the COGCI scheme, which can be downloaded from this page.

  5. If any delay in finishing is expected it must be indicated no later than in the 5th report.

  6. The 6th and final report must be received together with the PhD-thesis.

Download report scheme.