3 new COGCI PhD-Stipends available

The PhD projects must be within the areas of climate and/or the environment and contain significant elements of global change. A further requirement is that the project must be of interest to one of the Faculty of Science institutes. Finally the project must be a true collaboration with one of the 3 sector research institutions DMI, GEUS or NERI. Successful applicants will be enrolled in the COGCI PhD-school. Applications in all areas are welcome. However, applications in areas where we presently have few students are encouraged (e.g. geology, ecology and hydrology). The COGCI network (http://www.cogci.dk/) can be used to get in contact with appropriate supervisors both at DMI, GEUS, NERI and the University. An application must be approved both by a supervisor at DMI, GEUS or NERI and a supervisor at the university.

A committee will evaluate the applicants. According to the rules applicants will only see their own evaluation and not the names nor the evaluations of other applicants.

 The general application form (which must be used) can be downloaded from http://www.nat.ku.dk/ , where the general rules can also be found. The form can also be obtained from the Faculty of Science, Øster Voldgade 3, 1350 Copenhagen K., phone +45 35 32 42 10.

The application including attachments must be at the Faculty of Science, Øster Voldgade 3, 1350 Copenhagen K no later than March the 14th, 2003 at noon. You must have obtained your final MSc marks no later than April 1st 2003.

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