Associated Professor



Professional Addresses:         Dept. of General Microbiology

                                                  University of Copenhagen

                                                  Sølvgade 83 H

                                                  DK1307 Copenhagen K



Phone:                                      4535322053

E-mail:                                      [email protected]

Date of Birth:                          May 15th. 1960


As associate professor at Dept. of General Microbiology I am currently team leader for a group of four scientists, two technicians, and five master students applying molecular techniques in microbial ecological studies. The main objective of the group’s studies is to evaluate the extent of genetic flow within the natural communities and the responses to environmental perturbations. Molecular technics such as DGGE and clone libraries are used to investigate resilience and resistance of community structure in soil. The group has in collaboration with Dr. Tamar Barkay being pioneering in environmental application of specific whole cell biosensors for detection of bioavailable mercury and tetracycline. The research is financed by the various Danish programs (SMP3, Veterinær Miljøforskning, Bioteknologi og Fødevarer, and SNF) and international by EU framework V and the US DOE Environmental research program. Recently a collaboration with Dr. Duncan Veal, Macquarie University, Sydney has resulted in the introduction of flow cytometric analysis of biosensor cells expressing the gfp marker gene. During the last three years I have co-authored 30 scientific papers in international journals and presentations at international meetings.


Selected resent publications:


Rasmussen, L.D., S.J. Sørensen, T.R. Turner, & T. Barkay. 2000 Application of a mer-lux biosensor for estimating bioavailable mercury in soil and its utility in relating the response of soil microbial communities to bioavailable mercury

Soil Biol. Biochem


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          OIKOS 90: p279-294,


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Sengeløv, G., Sørensen, S.J, Frette, L., & Kroer, N. 2000, Determination of the metabolic activity of a specific bacterial strain in natural soil by use of incorporation of tritiated leucine and immunoseparation

          Accepted for publication in Soil Biology and Biochemistry


Sørensen, S.J., de Lipthay, J.R. Müller, A.K., Barkay, T. Hansen, L.H. & Rasmussen, L.D. 2000. Molecular methods for assessing and manipulationg the diversity of microbial populations and processes.

Accepted for publication in "Enzymes in the Environment". Ed. Richard Burns, Marcel Dekker