Science, research, institutions, and policy for global change

First lecture: beginning of September 2001 (to be announced)


Responsible: Gary Geernaert


The purpose of the course is to provide an overview of the critical success criteria relevant both to the PhD study on global change and to the career stages beyond the defense


The course will provide an overview of the expectations during the PhD study, success criteria during the defense and in later stages of a scientific career, and information which future employers expect of only the most successful PhD graduates. Overviews of various aspects of modern research which link science with policy will be provided throughout the course, taken with its historical perspective as well as with the modern debates on how research should be managed, funded, and organized institutionally. In addition to a primer on the structure of the PhD defense and dissertation, the student will also be exposed to techniques for giving presentations and writing articles, and securing the best career opportunities.


There will be eight double-lectures given by Gary Geernaert (Danmarks Miljøundersøgelser). Several lectures will also involve participation by other COGCI faculty. The eight double- lectures will cover:
· expectations and review criteria for a COGCI PhD study, and contents of the dissertation and defense;
· history of global change;
· scientific framework behind global change and unanswered questions;
· the process and rules of scientific communication - conferences, journals, proposals, funding agents;
· the process of performing, reviewing, funding and managing research;
· science policy - history and principles;
· the science policy of the precautionary principle, sustainable development, and global change; and
· project management, common principles governing the PhD study to "big science" projects.

Students will be expected to give a 20-minute presentation of their respective PhD research projects, using as much information from the course lectures as is relevant. Presentations will be given to the audience of faculty and students of COGCI, as well as outside visitors representing academia and science agencies. The course will be organized, such that two double-lectures will be given on given days. All lectures will be held at the University of Copenhagen.

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