Richard Bradshaw

Department of Environmental History and Climate Change

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland

Thoravej 8

2400 Copenhagen NV


Phone +45 38142350

Fax: +45 38142050

Email: [email protected]


Currently employed as state geologist in environmental history. Previously employed 16 years as lecturer and assistant professor at Trinity College, Dublin and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. MA (1975) in Botany, PhD (1978) in forest history from Cambridge University, England.



Research Interests:


Long-term forest dynamics


Past global change


5 most recent publications:


62. Bradshaw, R.H.W. & Holmqvist, B.H. (1999) Danish forest development during the last 3000 years reconstructed from regional pollen data. Ecography 22, 53-62.


63. Bradshaw, R.H.W. (1999) Spatial response of animals to climate change during the Quaternary. Ecological Bulletins 47, 16-21.


64. Hannon, G.E. & Bradshaw, R.H.W.(2000) Holocene vegetation dynamics and impact of human settlement on the Faroe Islands.Quaternary Research 54, 404-413.


65. Cowling, S.A., Sykes, M.T. & Bradshaw, R.H.W. (2001) The simulated role of late Holocene climate for beech-dominated forests in southern Scandinavia. Journal of Ecology (in press).


66. Bradshaw, R.H.W., Holmqvist, B.H., Cowling, S & Sykes, M.T. (2001) The effects of climate change on the distribution and management of Picea abies in southern Scandinavia. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 31, (in press).