A postdoctoral position researching photochemistry in snow is
available with Bill Simpson at the Department of Chemistry and
Biochemistry and Geophysical Institute, University of Alaska
Fairbanks.  In this project, we are developing and testing radiation
transfer models for calculation of photolysis rates of snow-adsorbed
molecules.  These photolysis rates are important for snow-pack
photochemistry and interpretation of ice cores.  Additionally, similar
heterogeneous photochemistry is likely to occur on atmospheric ice

The project couples experiments with computer modeling, therefore,
candidates should have a strong background in experimental chemistry
and/or physics.  Experience with radiation transfer theory, radiation
measurements, and/or gas chromatographic techniques is desirable.
Most importantly, I seek a skilled and highly motivated
experimentalist interested in Arctic chemistry.  The position is
currently open.

An application should include a CV with publication list and the names
and contact information (phone numbers, email addresses) of two or
three recommenders.  Please send to [email protected] (e-mail
preferred), or to Bill Simpson, Department of Chemistry, University of
Alaska Fairbanks, Natural Science Building, Fairbanks, AK 99775-6160.
Phone: (907) 474-7235.  Feel free to contact me for additional details
regarding the position.  Additional information about the Simpson
research group, the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, or the
Geophysical Institute, see the web site:

Bill Simpson