Olga Rigina

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Building 208,
DK-2800 Lyngby,
Email: o[email protected]

Currently employed as assistant professor at CBS, DTU. MSc from the
Novosibirsk State University in Russia (1985) in math./applied math., LiccPh
from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (1998) in forestry
remote sensing and PhD from Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen
(IGUK) in 2001 in physical geography.

Research Interests:

Synergy of remote sensing, GIS and mathematical modelling for environmental
assessments, image processing, Java system development and databases.

Recent publications:

Hagner, O., Rigina, O. (1998) 'Detection of forest decline in Monchegorsk
area' in Remote Sensing Environment, 62:  11-23.

Rigina, O., Baklanov, A., Hagner, O. and Olsson H.(1999)' Monitoring of
forest damage in the Kola peninsula, northern Russia, due to smelting industry' in Sci. Tot. Env.: 229 [3],

Rigina, O. and Baklanov, A. (2001) 'Regional radiation risk and
vulnerability assessment by integration of mathematic modelling and
GIS-analysis' in Environment International, 27: 1-14.

Rigina, O. (2002) 'Environmental impact assessment of the mining and
concentration activities in the Kola Peninsula, Russia'  in J. Environmental
Monitoring and Assessment, 75:  11-31.

Rigina, O. (2002) 'Studying long-term forest decline on the Kola Peninsula
using high-resolution Satellite imagery'. Int. J. Remote Sens.(in press)