Niels Kristian Højerslev
phone: 353-20606
department_phone: 353-20602
office_address: Juliane Maries Vej 30, 2100  København Ø
office_location: 348, 
department: Geofysisk Afdeling, Niels Bohr Institutet for Astronomi; Fysik og Geofysik
email: [email protected]


Research Interests:


Oceanography, remote sensing, marine optics and environment


Most recent publications:

E. Aas, N.K. Højerslev: Analysis of underwater radiance observtions: Apparent optical properties and analytic functions describing the angular radiance destribution, Journal of Geophysical Research vol 104 no C4, 8015-8024, 1999

N.K. Højerslev and T. Aarup: Bio-optical measurements on the Louisiana Shelf off the Mississippi Delta. J. Marine Systems (in press)