One-page report prepared May 15, 2003 by Ole John Nielsen, Sten Struwe and Aksel Walløe

The purpose of the report is to inform the members of the faculty board and members of the COGCI steering committee and interested individuals about the present status of COGCI.

COGCI consists of a network and a PhD-school and is a collaboration between the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen, DMI, NERI (DMU) and GEUS according to an agreement for the period 2000-2005.

Since the beginning of COGCI 26 graduate students have entered the PhD-school and 5 more are under immatriculation. The Faculty of Science has financed 10 of these 26 PhD students and 16 PhD students are externally financed. 2 students have graduated. Another 5 externally financed PhD-stipends should be advertised before the end of 2003. COGCI has created a significant economic input from external sources to the Faculty of Science! More important though is the research and the teaching that has been both initiated and stimulated by COGCI.

COGCI has offered 5 PhD courses, one of which is compulsory for all COGCI students. Presently a new aquatic course and a new palaeo chronology course are being developed. Weekly COGCI seminars in atmospheric science and related issues are held. This spring seminars-series deals with mercury. Each semester there is a COGCI-laboratory visit. This semester DMI was visited. There is an annual COGCI day where the COGCI-students present their projects. There are also theme-days. The next theme-day will take place November 7th at the Geocenter and the theme is water.

The Danish Research Training Council (FUR) has supported COGCI (3.5 MKr). The Velux Foundation has contributed 0.5 MKr to our visiting scientist programme. In summary it can be said that COGCI is now consolidated.

However, as the COGCI collaboration agreement between the SRIs and the Faculty of Science ends in the beginning of 2005 – is seems appropriate to discuss the future of COGCI. We therefore strongly urge the partners to secure the continuation and further development of COGCI.

COGCI is a successful example of a committed cooperation between a university and sector research institutions (SRIs). For many years politicians have asked for this, and they still do. More over it seems clear that global change issues will attract more and more attention in the future – also in Denmark!

Hopefully this COGCI progress report together with the more comprehensive report (May 2002) will make the Faculty of Science and the SRIs take actions for the continuation of COGCI. Together The Faculty of Science and the SRIs must find ways to renew the contract.

COGCI Secretariat: Haidee Walther-Larsen, Faculty of Science, Øster Voldgade 3, 1350 Copenhagen K. phone +45 35324253
Webmaster: Ole John Nielsen