Name         Matthew Stanley Johnson

Address    Department of Chemistry (KLV), University of Copenhagen

                   Universitetsparken 5, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark;  [email protected]

Position    Assistant Professor, Spectroscopy and Atmospheric Chemistry

Personal   Born 14 December 1966, Crookston Minnesota.  U. S. citizen with Danish and Swedish work and residence permits.



1989           Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), cum laude, highest honors in chemistry;  Thesis:  Linkage isomerism in cyanato complexes;  Macalester College, Saint Paul Minnesota, USA.

1995           Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), chemical physics;  Thesis:  Spectroscopy of reactive molecules and clusters;  Advisor:  Professor Mitchio Okumura;  California Institute of Technology, Pasadena California, USA.



1998-          Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, Spectroscopy and Atmospheric Chemistry

1996-98      Research Engineer, MAX-Lab Synchrotron, University of Lund, Sweden. EU funded.

1995-96      Fulbright Fellow, MAX-Lab Synchrotron, University of Lund, Sweden. 

1989-95      Doctoral Candidate, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, California. Bray Fellow, 94-95; Grace Fellow, 93; U. S. Department of Energy Scholar, 91-92.

1989           Intern, Medtronic Inc., Fridley, Minnesota.

1986-88      Computer Programmer, Honeywell Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota.

1989-94      Teaching Assistant, California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Pasadena, California.  Physical, Inorganic, and General Chemistry.

1986-88      Teaching Assistant, Macalester College, St. Paul, Minnesota.  General Biology, General and Physical Chemistry, Political Analysis.


Professional activity

Organizer of a research network, The Nordic Network for Chemical Kinetics (NoNeCK) for the Nordic Academy for Advanced Study (NorFA) including 12 Universities from Scandinavia and the Baltic region.

Organizer of The First Informal Conference on Reaction Kinetics, June 17 to 19, 2000.

Organiser of The Second Informal Conference on Reaction Kinetics and Atmospheric Chemistry, June 8 to 10, 2001.

PhD thesis opponent: Thomas Svensson, ‘A study of the interaction between the HOO radical and some small molecules,’ 26 January 2001, Lund, Sweden.  Jon Are Beukes, 'FTIR Studies of Atmospheric Trace Gasses and Radical Reactions,’ 8 September 2000, Oslo Norway;  Ragnar K. Asmundsson, 'Vibrational spectroscopy of surface adsorbates on metal surfaces, experiments and calculations,' 10 September 1999, Lund Sweden.

Member of executive committee, Danish Society for Environmental Chemistry, a division of Danish Chemical Society.

Organizer of the Atmospheric Chemistry Seminar Series in the Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen


Supervising students

Bachelor of Science:                     Thomas Rosenørn and Jacob Mønster (1999).

Hanne Falsig, Michael R. B. Larsen and Bjørn Schmidt (2000).

Philipp von Hessberg and Brian Lassen (2001).


Master of Science                         Karen Feilberg (1998-2001).

                                                         Thomas Rosenørn, Jacob Mønster (1999-2001).

                                                         Michael R. B. Larsen (2001).


1998 - 2001                   Atmospheric Chemistry for Geophysicists (BSc)

1998                              Laser Specroscopy, (MSc study seminar)

1998, 1999                    Environmental Chemsitry: The  Atmosphere (MSc)

1999 - 2001                   Spectrometric identification of organic compounds (BSc)

1999 - 2001                   Reaction Kinetics, diode laser kinetic spectroscopy experiment (BSc)

2000 - 2001                   Experimental Methods in Laser Spectroscopy and Atmos. Chemistry, (MSc study seminar)

2000 - 2001                   Environmental Chemistry I:  Atmospheric Chemistry (BSc)


Five representative publications


K. L. Feilberg, S. R. Sellevåg, C. J. Nielsen and M. S. Johnson

The relative rate of reaction of five carbon monoxide isotopomers with the hydroxyl radical

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, manuscript (2001).


M. S. Johnson, G. D. Billing, A. Gruodis and M. H. M. Janssen

Photolysis of nitrous oxide isotopomers studied by time-dependent Hermite propagation

J. Phys. Chem. A, accepted (2001).


M. S. Johnson, F. Hegelund, and B. Nelander

The n5 Band of Perchloric Acid

Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy 190(2), 269 (1998).


M. S. Johnson and B. Nelander

High Resolution Gas Phase Spectroscopy with a Synchrotron Radiation Source

Nuovo Cimento D 20(4), 449 (1998).  Also as:

P. Calvani and P. Roy, eds., Infrared Synchrotron Radiation, (Italian Physical Society, Bologna), 1998, Chapter 5.


M. S. Johnson, K. T. Kuwata, C.-K. Wong, and M. Okumura

Vibrational Spectrum of I-(H2O)

Chemical Physics Letters 260, 551 (1996).