Carl Egede Bøggild

Senior Research Scientist
Dept. of Environmental History and Climate Change
The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)
Thoravej 8
DK-2400 Copenhagen NV

Phone: +45 38 14 27 94 Fax: +45 38 14 20 50
e-mail: [email protected]

Since 1996 employed at GEUS as glacilogist, and later as Senior Research
Scientist. Ph.D. from University of Copenhagen, Geophysical Dept. Previously
employed at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar- and Marine Research,
Bremerhaven, Germany.

Research interests:
Observation and modelling of melting from glaciers and ice sheets
Snowphysics and cryospheric processes
Remote sensing of snow and ice
Arctic hydrology

5 most recent publications:

Winther, J-G, H. Elvehøy, K. Sand & C. E. Bøggild, 1996. Melting, runoff,
and the formation of frozen lakes in a mixed snow and blue ice field in
Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica. J. of Glac. Vol.42 (141). 271-278.

Bøggild, C.E. (1998) Different Melt Regimes Indicated by Surface Albedo
Measurements at the Greenland Ice Sheet Margin - Application of TM Image.
Advances in Remote Sensing, Year book. 1997, Vol. 5. 82-88.

Bøggild, C. E., Knudby, C. J., Knudsen, M. B., Pedersen, M. H., Starzer, W.
Thomsen, H. H. (1999) Snowmelt and runoff modelling of an arctic
hydrological basin in West-Greenland. Hydrological Processes. Vol.13,

Bøggild, C. E., (in press) Preferential flow and melt water retention in
cold snow packs in West-Greenland, Nordic Hydrology.

Nielson, B., Sidle, R.C., Klint, K.E., Bøggild, C.E. (in press) Mass
transport and scale-dependent hydraulic tests in a heterogenous glacial
till- sandy aquifer system. Journal of Hydrology