Atmospheric Chemistry Group at Dept. of Chem., University of Copenhagen
Birgitta Svenningson Postdoc particles
Camilla Bacher MSc student (graduated) atmospheric degradation of isobutane and GWP of SF6CF3 and similar compounds
Charlotte Stenby PhD student Mechanistic investigation of the formation of organic aerosols
Dorte Lerche PhD student (graduated) priority setting of chemicals
Elisa Rosenbohm PhD student (graduated) particles
Flemming Nicolaisen Associate professor  
Hanne Falsig MSc student (graduated) atmospheric degradation of toluene
Jacob Klenø PhD student (graduated) indoor chemistry
Jacob Mønster PhD student particles
Karen Feilberg PhD student isotopes in the atmospheric carben cycle
Mads Andersen PhD student organic nitrates
Martin Enghoff PhD student Particle formation
Matthew Johnson Associate professor  
Merete Bilde Ole Rømer professor  
Mette Marie-Louise Grage Postdoc theoretical calculations of absorption spectra
Mike Goodsite PhD student (graduated) atmospheric mercury
Niels Wessel Larsen Associate professor  
Ole John Nielsen Professor  
Phillip von Hessberg PhD student Laboratory Studies of Heterogeneous Processes on Ice
Sebastien Perrier Postdoc atmospheric chemistry of snow pack and ice
Silvia Henning Postdoc particles
Thomas Rosenørn PhD student particles