Below you should find useful links:

Copenhagen Center for Atmospheric Research

University of Copenhagen’s Portal on Climate Change

Climate Lectures at University of Copenhagen

Lecture (in Danish)given at Middelfart Gymnasium October 4th 2007 by Ole John Nielsen

Presentation on Modelling in Atmospheric Science by Ole John Nielsen, Sunday August 5th at University of Copenhagen

Global Climate Change Presentation at DTU June 1st 2007 by Ole John Nielsen

Global Climate Change Presentation at the COGCI Ecosystem PhD cource by Ole John Nielsen on May 28th 2007

Christianshavns High School - Global Climate Change Presentation

Copenhagen Center for Atmospheric Research (CCAR)

The 8th Informal Conference on Atmospheric Science


Teaching material for high school teachers on general atmosphere by Ole John Nielsen

Teaching material for high schools on climate change by Ole John Nielsen

History of Atmospheric Science (in Danish), Presentation given by Ole John Nielsen, Nov 2005

PhD tax rules (in Danish)

PhD association (in Danish)

International Research School of Water

IGBP (International Geophere-Biosphere Programme):

Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment

Atmospheric Chemistry Group at Dept. of Chem., University of Copenhagen

Talk on lead by Hans von Storch


International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme

Updated map showing the local and regional responses to global change. It's also filled with good material and quick facts for anyone

University of Copenhagen

Øresund Environment Academy

Global Observing Systems for Climate