Leif Laursen

Danish Meteorological Institute

Lyngbyvej 100

DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Tlf. +45 39 15 74 20

Fax +45 39 15 74 60

E-mail: [email protected]


Head, Meteorological Research Division


Research interests: Meteorology, Climate Change, Climate Modeling, Numerical Weather Prediction


Five publications:


Laursen, L. and Eliasen, E., 1989: On the effects of the damping mechanisms in an atmospheric general circulation model. Tellus 41A, 385‑400.


Eliasen, E. and Laursen L., 1990: On the effects of horizontal resolution and diffusion in a two-layer general circulation model with a zonally symmetric forcing. Tellus 42, 520‑530.


Riishøjgaard, L. P., Hansen, A. W. and Laursen, L., 1992: GCM Simulations of conditions with changed Distributions of Stratosphheric Ozone. In Research Activities in Atmospheric and Oceanic Modelling, report no 17,ed. G.J. Boer, WMO/TD-no 467,7.46-7.47


Yu, X.-D., Huang, X.-Y., Laursen, L., Rasmussen, E. 1997: Application of the HIRLAM system in China -torrential rain forecasting experiments in Yangtze River Valley. Quarterly Journal of Applied meteorology, 8, 498-502.


Anderson, D., L. Bengtsson, P. Delecluse, J.-C. Duplessy, T. Fichefet, S. Joussaume, J. Jouzel, G. Komen, M. Latif, L. Laursen, H. Le Treut, J. Mitchell, A. Navarra, T. Palmer, S. Planton, A. Ruiz de Elvira, F. Schott, J. Slingo, J. Willebrand (1988), Climate Variability and Predictability Research in Europe, 1999-2004: Euroclivar recommendations. KNMI, De Bilt, The Ne­ther­lands, xxiv+120pp.