Kjeld Rasmussen

Institute of Geography

University of Copenhagen

Øster Voldgade 10

1350 Copenhagen K


Phone: +45 35322563

Fax: +45 35322501

Email: [email protected]


Associate professor in ecological geography. MSc in geophysics from UoC (1977) and PhD in human geography from UoC (1980).


Research interests:


Environmental change in developing countries (West Africa in particular).

Use of satellite-based Earth Observation for identifying and monitoring land cover, land use and environmental change.

The role of savanna fires in natural resource management and global change processes.


5  recent, relevant publications:


Reenberg, A., Nielsen, T.L. & Rasmussen, K. (1998): Field Expansions and Reallocations in a Desert Margin Region - Land Use Pattern Dynamics in a Fluctuating Biophysical and Socio-economic Environment. Global Environmental Change, Vol.8, no.4, pp. 309-327 .


Nielsen, T.T. & Rasmussen, K. (in press): Determinants of Savanna Fire Distribution in Burkina Faso. Int. J. Wildfire.


Mbow, C., Nielsen, T.T. & Rasmussen, K. (in press): Savanna fires in east-central Senegal: Distribution patterns, resource management and perceptions. Human Ecology


Sandholt, I., Andersen, J. & Rasmussen, K. (in press): A simple interpretation of the temperature/vegetation index space for assessment of soil moisture status. International Journal of Remote Sensing.


Touré, A., Rasmussen, K., Diallo, O. & Diouf, A. (submitted): Actual and potential carbon stocks in the north-sudanian zone. Case study: The forests of Delbi and Paniates in Senegal. Danish Journal of Geography.