Kim Pilegaard

Plant Biology and Biogeochemistry Department

Risø National Laboratory

P.O. Box 49

4000 Roskilde


Phone +45 4677 4175

Fax +45 4677 4160

Email: [email protected]


Senior scientist, currently acting head of research programme “Plant Ecosystems and Nutrient Cycling”.


Research interests:

·       biosphere-atmosphere exchange of gaseous compounds (mainly CO2, NOx and O3)

·       terrestrial ecosystem research related to Kyoto Protocol

·       air pollution and biological monitoring of particles and heavy metals



5 most recent publications:


Gallagher, M.W.; Clayborough, R.; Beswick, K.M.; Hewitt, C.N.; Owen, S.; Moncrieff, J.; Pilegaard, K., Assessment of a relaxed eddy accumulation for measurements of fluxes of biogenic volatile organic compounds: Study over arable crops and a mature beech forest. Atmos. Environ. (2000) 34 , 2887-2899


Mikkelsen, T.N.; Ro-Poulsen, H.; Pilegaard, K.; Hovmand, M.F.; Jensen, N.O.; Christensen, C.S.; Hummelshøj, P., Ozone uptake by an evergreen forest canopy - temporal variation and possible mechanisms. Environ. Pollut. (2000) 109 , 423-429


Christensen, C.S.; Hummelshøj, P.; Jensen, N.O.; Larsen, B.; Lohse, C.; Pilegaard, K.; Skov, H., Determination of the terpene flux from orange species and Norway spruce by relaxed eddy accumulation. Atmos. Environ. (2000) 34 , 3057-3067


Valentini, R.; Matteucci, G.; Dolman, A.J.; Schulze, E.-D.; Rebmann, C.; Moors, E.J.; Granier, A.; Gross, P.; Jensen, N.O.; Pilegaard, K.; Lindroth, A.; Grelle, A.; Bernhofer, C.; Grünwald, T.; Aubinet, M.; Ceulemans, R.; Kowalski, A.S.; Vesala, T.; Rannik, Ü.; Berbigier, P.; Loustau, D.; Gudmundsson, J.; Thorgeirsson, H.; brom, A.; Morgenstern, K.; Clement, R.; Moncrieff, J.; Montagnani, L.; Minerbi, S.; Jarvis, P.G., Respiration as the main determinant of carbon balance in European forests. Nature (2000) 404 , 861-865


Aubinet, M.; Grelle, A.; Ibrom, A.; Rannik, U.; Noncrieff, J.; Foken, T.; Kowalski, A.S.; Martin, P.H.; Berbigier, P.; Bernhofer, C.; Clement, R.; Elbers, J.; Granier, A.; Grunwald, T.; Morgenstern, K.; Pilegaard, K.; Rebmann, C.; Snijders, W.; Valentini, R.; Vesala, T., Estimates of the annual net carbon and water exchange of forests: The EUROFLUX methodology. Adv. Ecol. Res. (2000) 30 , 113-175