N. John Anderson

Department of Geography,

University of Copenhagen

Oester Voldgade 10

1350 Copenhagen K



Phone : (45) 35 32 25 22

Fax: (45) 35 32 25 01

Email: [email protected]


Currently employed as Professor of Global Change Studies at the Department of Geography.

Presently on leave of absence from the Environmental History & Climate Division at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)


Serves on NERC (UK) grant evaluation committess, Board  Member of the Freshwater Biological Association (1998-2001). Editorial Board member of Freshwater Biology and Journal of Palaeolimnology.


Research interests

Holocene climatic variability; lake eutrophication and acidification; use of lake sediments for monitoring environmental change, especially through the use of diatoms and geochemistry.  Lake sedimentation processes. Lake-catchment interactions in West Greenland.


Currently involved in the following EU-projects : EMERGE (Mountain lakes), EDDI – the European Diatom Database; CHILL-10.000 (Holocene climatic variability) and MOLTEN (estuarine eutrophication)


Some recent publications

Brodersen, K.P., B. Odgaard, O. Vestergaard & N.J. Anderson. 2001 Chironomid stratigraphy in the shallow and eutrophic Lake Søbygaard, Denmark: Chironomid-Macrophyte co-occurrence. Freshwater Biology. 46 (2), 253-267 .


Brodersen, K.P., N.J. Anderson & B.V. Odgaard. 2001 Long-term trends in the profundal chironomid-fauna in nitrogen-limited Lake Esrom, Denmark: a combined palaeolimnological/historical approach.      Archiv für Hydrobiologie 150: 393-409


Carvalho, L. & Anderson, N.J. 2001 Lakes in Warren, A.& J. R French (eds) (ed.) Habitat Conservation: managing the Physical Environment. J. Wiley. pp 123-146


N.J. Anderson 2000 Diatoms, lakes and climatic change. European Journal of Phycology 35 307-314


Anderson, N. J., Clarke, A., Juhler, R. K., McGownan, S., and Renberg, I. 2000. Coring of laminated lake sediments for pigment and mineral magnetic analyses, Søndre Strømfjord, southern West Greenland. Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin 186, 83-87.


Brodersen, K.P. & N.J. Anderson. 2000. Subfossil insect remains (Chironomidae) and lake water temperature inference in the Sisimiut-Kangerlussuaq region, southern West Greenland.      Geology of Greenland Survey Bulletin 186: 78-82.