>The California Institute of Technology (Caltech) Postdoctoral Scholars
>Program at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) invites applications for a
>postdoctoral research position in remote sensing of the composition of the
>Earth's atmosphere.  The specific field of research is the measurement of
>atmospheric trace gases by infrared solar occultation spectrometry.  The
>applicant will help develop and operate a new balloon-borne FTIR
>spectrometer and will analyze its data.  This NASA-funded work will be in
>support of atmosphere research and validation of space-borne remote sensing
>Applicants must have a recent PhD in atmospheric physics or a related field
>and a strong experimental background in the remote measurement of
>atmospheric spectra, and their use in retrieving vertical profiles of
>atmospheric trace gases.
>The annual starting salary for a recent Ph.D. is approximately $50,000 US,
>and can vary somewhat according to the applicant's qualifications.  The
>appointment is expected to begin in Sep 2004.  Postdoctoral Scholar
>positions are awarded initially for a 1-year period.  Appointments may be
>renewed in 1-year increments for a maximum of two additional years.  Please
>send a letter/email describing your research interests, a CV, and a list of
>three references to:
>Dr. Geoffrey C. Toon
>Mail Stop 183-601
>Jet Propulsion Laboratory
>4800 Oak Grove Drive
>Pasadena CA 91109-8099, USA