Postdoc (field and lab) at Villanova University early 2007


The brief summary of the project and position follows.  The position would
ideally begin in early 2007, but I could negotiate an earlier start date if
that becomes necessary.

I appreciate any help in finding a postdoc ready, willing and able to take
on this project!  Please feel free to pass along my contact info to anyone
you think might be interested.  If a candidate is not identified by
approximately October, I will need to get more advertisements out, so the
sooner interested parties contact me, the better...

About the position:

The project will involve both field and lab studies.  Lab studies will
consist of studying the photochemical degradation (both kinetics and
mechanisms) of several persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in snow and ice
under controlled conditions, via both direct and indirect photochemical
processes.  Field work will be conducted in Barrow, Alaska (approximate
dates: April-July 2008) to determine if the degradation we observe in lab
studies is also occurring in the Arctic environment.  Additionally we will
be doing air, snow and ice sampling to isolate, identify and quantify POPs
in an effort to better understand air/snow partitioning processes and the
ultimate fate of the POPs e.g. upon spring snowmelt, etc.  Optimization of
these isolation methods would occur prior to field deployment.

The candidate would ideally have a background in atmospheric or analytical
chemistry.  Prior field experience is not required, but would be a plus.
The postdoc will work closely with a graduate student and undergraduate
research students.

There is also a teaching component associated with this position.  This will
be very flexible and would accommodate the interests of the postdoc (e.g.
undergraduate vs graduate teaching, lecture vs lab, etc).  This could be an
ideal position for candidates interested in academics, as there would be
opportunities to get teaching experience along with participation in

About Villanova University and the department:
Villanova University is a private, liberal arts university located 12 miles
west of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in a suburban setting.  Approximately
6,000 undergraduate and 2,000 graduate students are enrolled in liberal arts
and sciences, engineering, commerce and finance, or nursing.  The department
of chemistry currently has 16 tenured/tenure-track faculty and 10
adjunct/non-tenure track faculty; 85 undergraduate majors; and approximately
30 graduate students.  We offer B.S. and M.S. degrees, but not the Ph.D.;
however we have opportunities to co-advise engineering Ph.D. students.  We
have a variety of instrumentation at our disposal, including SEM, X-ray
diffractometer, ICP, 2 LC-MS/MS systems, NMR (multi-nuclear, also capable of
solid-state analyses), and all routine analytical instrumentation (GC/MS,
LC, IR, UV, etc).  Our website,, has more
information about faculty, facilities, research, courses, etc.

Amanda M. Grannas
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
216B Mendel Hall
Department of Chemistry
Villanova University

800 Lancaster Ave.
Villanova, PA 19085

office: (610) 519-4881
lab: (610) 519-6096