Copenhagen Global Change Initiative (COGCI) PhD project.


The Global Biogeochemical Silica Cycle: Linking the terrestrial and aquatic biogeochemical cycles


A new Ph.D. stipend is available in the area of global biogeochemical cycles. The research will be carried out at the Danish National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) and at the Freshwater Biological Laboratory, University of Copenhagen. The Danish Research Training Council (FUR) supports this project.



The student will carry out experimental work to quantify the relative importance of particulate biogenic silica inputs to the world’s oceans via rivers from terrestrial ecosystems. The work includes quantifying the dissolution kinetics of various types of particulate silica, including phytoliths, and their role in the aquatic biogeochemical silica cycle. The impacts of global change on the biogeochemical silica cycle will also be investigated.


The COGCI PhD School ( at the University of Copenhagen and NERI will co-arrange the project, with formal responsibility at the University. The research will be conducted at NERI in Roskilde, in the Department of Marine Ecology. The successful applicant will be employed at NERI. Salary for the position is in accordance with Danish rules, as is the conditions for the PhD study, which include teaching duties.


The successful candidate will participate in a Research Training Network, Si-WEBS, funded by the European Commission ( Si-WEBS focuses on the global biogeochemical cycle of silicon along the land-ocean continuum. The project will be carried out in collaboration with 6 other Ph.D. students and post-docs with partners from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece and The Netherlands.


A committee will evaluate the applicants. According to the rules applicants will only see their own evaluation and not the names nor the evaluations of other applicants. The general application form must be used, and the general rules can also be found at . The conditions of funding are such that only EU citizens not from Denmark can apply for the position. The successful applicant will afterwards have to apply for immatriculation at the University.


The form can also be obtained from the COGCI secretariat, Øster Voldgade 3, 1350 Copenhagen K., phone +45 35 32 42 53. The application including attachments must be at the COGCI secretariat, Øster Voldgade 3, DK-1350 Copenhagen K no later than December1st 2003. Please mark your application “COGCI/BIOGEOCHEMICAL”. You must have obtained your final MSc marks no later than December 15th 2003. Interested candidates may contact Daniel Conley ([email protected]).