COGCI PhD-scolarships.


A number (maximum 4) of COGCI PhD-scholarships will be available beginning 2005 (under conditions of funding).


  1. Modelling of Aerosol Processes

(DMI, contact Anne Mette K. Jørgensen, 39157450)

  1. Impacts of climate change on the Danish sea

(DMI, contact Anne Mette K. Jørgensen, 39157450)

  1. Exchange of ammonia between atmosphere and vegetation

(DMU, contact Helle Vibeke Andersen, 46301137)

  1. Modelling pollen dispersion

(DMU, Jørgen Brandt, 46301200)

  1. Ecological Thresholds of Sustainability in Marine Ecosystems

(DMU, Daniel Conley, 46301263)

  1. Climate change effects on marine ecosystems

(DMU, Stiig Markager, 46301305)

  1. Ecosystem-atmosphere exchange of carbon in the future climate

(Risø, contact Per Ambus, 46774152)

  1. Effects of global warming on ecosystems

(Risø, contact Claus Beier, 46774161)

  1. Recent dynamics of Scandinavian and European forest vegetation

(GEUS, contact Peter Gravesen, 38142929)



The COGCI PhD-School ( at the University of Copenhagen and the sector research institutions (SRIs) offers a number of collaborative PhD-projects. The successful applicants will be employed at the SRIs. Salary for the position is in accordance with Danish rules, as is the conditions for the PhD study.


A committee will evaluate the applicants. According to the rules applicants will see their own evaluation only and not the names nor the evaluations of other applicants. The general application form (which must be used) can be downloaded from , where the general rules can also be found.


The form can also be obtained from the Faculty of Science, Øster Voldgade 3, 1350 Copenhagen K., phone +45 35 32 42 10. The application including attachments must be at the Faculty of Science, Øster Voldgade 3, DK-1350 Copenhagen K no later than January 17th 2005. Please mark your application “COGCI/SCHOLARSHIPS”. Applicants must have obtained their final MSc marks no later than January 31st 2005.