The Faculty of Science at Göteborg University invites applications for the position of




The Faculty of Science has established a strategic program for the development of internationally competitive centers of excellence. The program identifies environmental atmospheric science as a field with active research teams at several departments. The Faculty now seeks a visionary leader that can integrate and develop atmospheric sciences at Göteborg University.


Environmental atmospheric science is strongly multidisciplinary with links to Earth Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Applied Environmental Sciences and modern technology. Air pollution represents an environmental problem and a challenge for Atmospheric Sciences. As examples, emissions of greenhouse gases, aerosols, and gases that have an impact on tropospheric and stratospheric ozone can be mentioned. It is essential to be able to measure and to understand the environmental consequences of such pollutants. This kind of research involves access to and development of modern measurement techniques. In addition, it needs development of models that play an important role in identification of mechanisms/processes in Air Chemistry and Climatology.


The interdisciplinary character of the field requires a broad co-operation between departments, with other faculties, and with organisations outside the academy.


The departmental affiliation of the position will be decided in consultation with the successful candidate.


Candidates should visit www.science.gu.se/ledigajobb/atmo.htm before writing an application. For more information contact the Deputy Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Philip Brenner, Phone: +46-31-7723501, e-mail: [email protected].


The application, written in English, should include a CV, a brief description of ongoing and planned research, and a commented summary of teaching qualifications. A maximum of 10 scientific publications can be included. Send the complete application, assembled as four separate and identical bundles, to The Registrar, Göteborg University, Box 100, SE-405 30 Göteborg, Sweden, stating reference number E311 2359/01, no later than 1st of August 2001.