Five postdoctoral positions are available in the School of Chemistry

(1) Development of an instrument for the detection of OH and HO2 radicals
aboard a newly commissioned research aircraft. The successful candidate will oversee the design, construction, aircraft fit and initial deployment of the instrument that is based on laser-induced fluorescence. (3 years, NERC funded). Job Ref: 043-153-004-027.
Contact: Dr. D. E. Heard. Tel: (0113) 233 6471,
email: [email protected]

(2) Field measurements of OH, HO2 and other free-radicals using
laser-induced fluorescence. The successful candidate will work with two
instruments, one based in Leeds and funded to participate in campaigns in
Ireland and Antarctica, and the second at the EUPHORE photoreactor in
Valencia. (3 years, NERC and EU funded). Job ref: 043-154-004-027
Contact: Dr. D. E. Heard. Tel: (0113) 233 6471,
 email: [email protected]

(3) Development of new methods for visualisation of chemical data arising
from very high complexity mixture analysis. A new GCxGC/time-of-flight mass spectrometer has recently been installed and the successful candidate will be responsible for data visualisation of large 4 dimensional datasets. (3 years, NERC/EPSRC funded). Job ref: 043-155-004-027
Contact: Dr. A. C. Lewis. Tel: (0113) 233 6429
email: [email protected]

(4) Development of chemical mechanisms and modelling tools for tropospheric oxidation processes, related to field experiments and to the EUPHORE photoreactor at Valencia. (2 years, NERC/EU funded). Job ref:
Contact: Prof. M. J. Pilling. Tel: (0113) 233 6450,
email: [email protected]

(5) Development of infrared diode laser technology for laboratory studies of
the kinetics of atmospherically important processes. (2 years, NERC funded).
Job ref: 043-157-004-027
Contact: Dr. P. W. Seakins. Tel: (0113) 233 6568,
email: [email protected]

Applicants for all posts must have a PhD in a relevant discipline.

Further details for these vacancies, some of which are available
immediately, can be obtained from the contact persons listed above and from the School of Chemistry web site:

The salary depends upon the project but will be on the scale for Research
Staff Grade IA within the range £16,775 - £25,213 p.a. (under review)
according to relevant experience.

Application packs are available from Ms. T. Wainwright (0113 233 6450),
email: [email protected] , quoting the appropriate job reference number(s).

Closing date: 31st July 2001