Jens Christian Refsgaard

Department of Hydrology

Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS)

Thoravej 8

DK-2400 Copehagen NV


Phone +45 38 14 27 76

Fax: +45 38142050

Email: [email protected]


Currently employed as research professor in groundwater hydrology at GEUS. Previously employed 20 years at Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI) and 8 years at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU).


Research Interests:


Hydrological modelling of coupled surface water/groundwater systems.

Land surface/atmosphere processes

Effects of global change on water resources


Recent, relevant  publications:


Refsgaard, J.C. and Knudsen, J. (1996) Operational validation and intercompar­is­on of different types of hydrological models. Water Resources Research, 32 (7), 2189-2202.


Refsgaard, J.C. (1997) Parametrisation, calibration and validation of distributed hydrological models. Journal of Hydrology, 198, 69-97.


Lørup, J.K, J.C. Refsgaard and D. Mazvimavi (1998) Assessing the effect of land use change on catchment runoff by combined use of statistical tests and hydrological modelling: Case studies from Zimbabwe. Journal of Hydrology, 205, 147-163.


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Refsgaard, J.C. (1998) Conceptual versus physically-based hydrological models: Which models to be used for Baltex purposes? In: Raschke, E. and H.-J. Isemer (Eds) Conference Proceedings , Second BALTEX Study Conference, Rügen, 25-29 May 1998. International BALTEX Secretariat, Publication No. 11, GKSS, Geestacht, 180-184.


Refsgaard, J.C., M. Thorsen, J.B. Jensen, S. Kleeschulte, and S. Hansen (1999) Large scale modelling of groundwater contamination from nitrogen leaching. Journal of Hydrology, 221(3-4), 117-140.


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