Gerald L. Geernaert

Director, Department of Atmospheric Environment

National Environmental Research Institute

Frederiksborgvej 399

P.O. Box 358

DK-4000 Roskilde


tel. +45 46301101

fax. +45 46301214

cell:  +45 40360489

email:  [email protected]


Currently employed as Research Director of the Department of Atmospheric Environment, at the National Environmental Research, since 1994. Previously employed for 9 years at the Naval Research Laboratory (satellite meteorology and air-sea interactions) and Office of Naval Research, Washington DC (marine meteorology; polar meteorology; meteorological applications).  PhD from the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington (Seattle) in 1983.


Research Interests:

Air-sea interactions

Theoretical micrometeorology and fluid dynamics

Science policy

Global change


Five recent publications:


Geernaert, G.L., Air sea interaction historical perspectives, Chapter 1, in Air-Sea Exchange-physics, chemistry, and dynamics. pp 1-27, edited by G. Geernaert, Kluwer Academic Press 1999.


Geernaert, G.L. Theory of momentum, heat and gas exchange, Chapter 2, in Air-Sea Exchange-physics, chemistry, and dynamics, pp 28-57, edited by G. Geernaert, Kluwer Academic Press, 1999.


Geernaert, G.L., P. Astrup:  "Wind  profile, drag coefficient, and cross-section over the coastal zone, for quasi-homogeneous conditions," in The Wind Driven Air-Sea Interface - electromagnetic and acoustic sensing, wave dynamics, and turbulent fluxes (ed. M. Banner), 305-316, 1999.


Z. Zlatev, G. Geernaert, H. Skov:  A study of ozone critical levels in Denmark over a ten-year period, in European Adsociation for the Science of Air Pollution, 36, 1-18, 2000.


Zlatev, Z., I. Dimov, Tz. Ostromsky, G. Geernaert, I. Tzvetanov, A. Bastrup-Birk, 2001:  Calculating losses of crops in Denmark cuased by high ozone levels.  Environ. Modeling and Assessment, in press.