Flemming M Nicolaisen.

Institute of Chemistry.

University of Copenhagen.

2100 Copenhagen Ø


Phone: + 45 35320320

Fax:     +45 35350609

Email: [email protected]


“Lektor” at The Institute of Chemistry since 1972. Specialized in Infrared Gas Phase Spectroscopy.

Has since 1972 participated in faculty administration. Currently as vice dean.


Research interest:


Infrared spectroscopic investigations related to atmospheric physics and chemistry.

Greenhouse gases and chemical kinetics.


5 most recent (relevant) publications:


R. Wugt Larsen, J.A. Beukes and F.M.Nicolaisen: "Far-infrared high resolution spectra of ozone and 18O isotopomers of ozone. Edt. J.N.Andersen et al. 

Max. Lab. Activity Report 1997.p178-179. Publ. juni 1998.


A.E.Heathfield, C.Anastasi, Mc.Culloch and F.M.Nicolaisen: Integrated Infrared Absorption Coefficients of Several Partially Fluorinated Ether Compounds.

Atmospheric Environment: 32, 2825-2833 (1998).


J.Ballard, R.J.Knight, J.Vander Auwera, M.Herman, G.Di Lonardo, G.Masciarelli, F.M.Nicolaisen, J.A.Beukes, L.K.Christensen, R.McPheat, G.Duxbury, R.Freckleton and K.P.Shine:

“An Intercomparison of Laboratory Measurements of Absorption Cross Sections and Integrated Absorption Intensities for HCFC-22”: JQSRT, 66 109-128 (2000)


A.Beukes and F.M.Nicolaisen: “Infrared Absorption Cross Sections and Integrated Absorption Intensities for Difluoromethane (HFC-32) and 1,1,1,2 Tetrafluoroethane (HFC-134a) in the 650 – 50 cm-1 region”:

JQSRT, 66 185-198 (2000)


R.Wugt Larsen, N.W.Larsen, F.M.Nicolaisen, G.O.Sørensen and J.A.Beukes: “Measurements of 18O-enriched Ozone Isotopomer Abundances using High Resolution Fourier Transform Far IR Spectroscopy”:

J.Mol.Spectrosc. 200, 235-247 (2000)


R.Wugt Larsen, F.M.Nicolaisen, G.O.Sørensen: “Measurements of self-, air-, and O2-broadening coefficients of pure rotational ozone lines and their temperature dependence”:

J.Mol.Spectrosc. 210, 1-12 (2001)


Ole John Nielsen*, Flemming Nicolaisen, Camilla Bacher Michael D. Hurley, Timothy J. Wallington, Keith P. Shine: "Infrared Spectrum and Global Warming Potential of SF5CF3". Atm. Env. In press (2001).