Flemming Ekelund

Associate Professor

Department of Terrestrial Ecology

Zoological Institute, University of Copenhagen

Universitetsparken 15

2100 Copenhagen Ø


Phone +45 35321275

Fax: +45 35321250

Email: [email protected]


Since 1992 employed at Zoological Institute. MSc from University of Copenhagen in 1992: "Protozoa in arable soil". PhD from University of Copenhagen 1996: "Heterotrophic Soil Flagellates".


Research Interests:


Ecology and diversity of Protozoa in soil.

Effects of xenobiotics on soil animal function and diversity.


5 most recent publications:


Ekelund F., K. Westergaard and D. Søe (2000).

The toxicity of the fungicide Propiconazole to soil flagellates.Biol. Fert. Soils, 31, 70-77.


Griffiths B, Ritz K., Bardgett, R., Cook, R., Christensen  S., Ekelund F.,

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Oikos., 90, 279-294.


Priemé, A. Ekelund, F. (in press).

Five pesticides decreased oxidation of atmospheric methane in a forest soil. Soil Biol. Biochem.


Bjørnlund, L., F. Ekelund, S. Christensen, C.S. Jacobsen, P.H. Krogh, and K.

Johnsen, (2000).

Interactions between saprophytic fungi, bacteria and protozoa on decomposing wheat roots in soil influenced by the fungicide fenpropimorph (corbelâ): a field study. Soil Biol. Biochem., 32, 967-975.


Ekelund, F., Rønn, R & S. Christensen (in press).

Distribution with depth of protozoa, bacteria, and fungi in soil profiles from three Danish forest sites.

Soil Biol. Biochem.