Ecosystem processes

PhD course spring 2004

Brorfelde - dates to be announced


Organisers: Sten Struwe, Søren Christensen, and Annelise Kjøller


Aim: The course aims at giving a general overview of ecosystems of the world and will focus on sensitive processes of interest in a Global change context. The course will also give an introduction for non-specialists to investigation of key-processes and tools to analyse biodiversity with emphasis on soil organisms.


Form and duration of course: Workshop in Copenhagen, followed by 4 days in  Brorfelde consisting of lectures, practical demonstrations and discussions.


Location: Brorfelde field station in western Sjælland near Tølløse


Evaluation: Group report


Points: 3


Programme from previous version of the course below:


Day 1                Thematic meeting  in Copenhagen    See special program

Ecosystem processes and biodiversity – Effects of climate change and land-use changes on sensitive systems.


PhD course at  Brorfelde

Day 2                Ecosystem day

Sven Jonasson, KU Effect of global change in northern ecosystems!

Luc Abbadie, ENS Paris: The savanna ecosystem, nitrogen cycling and control mechanisms

Kjeld Rasmussen, KU: Remote sensing of ecosystem processes at large scales in West Africa.

Olle Andrén, SLU Agricultural University Uppsala: Carbon-balances in soils

Student presentations

Round table on ecosystem sensitivity


Day 3                Process day

Luc Abbadie,  ENS Paris: Soil organic matter dynamics in the lab and a conceptual modelling approach

                        Teis Mikkelsen, Risø:   Photosynthesis – sensitivity to CO2 concentration

Claus Beier, Risø: Experimental manipulation of the climate in terrestrial ecosystems at field scale - how do we do it ?

Claus Beier, Risø: Effects of warming and drought on ecosystem functioning in seminatural shrublands in Europe - results from the CLIMOOR project

Volkmar Wolters, Uni Giessen: Resource quality, Secondary productivity - decomposition         

                        Karl Ritz, SCRI Dundee: Microflora          

                        Flemming Ekelund, KU:  Microfauna and interactions with microflora

Student presentations                  

P: Soil, processes and organisms


Day 4                Greenhouse gas day

Kim Pilegaard, Risø: Experimental determination of C-fluxes in forest ecosystems,        with examples from the beech forest, Lille Bøgeskov.

                        Torben R Christensen, Uni Lund:   Gas exchange soil-vegetation-atmosphere ??

                        Anders Priemé, KU: GHG-gas emissions (and uptake) in different ecosystems 

                        Michael Andersson, KU: Gas-emissions from savanna soils    

                        Sten Struwe, KU: Nitrous oxide as a indicator for soil activity

P: Gas measurements


Day 5                Carbon and Kyoto day    

Lars Krog, KU: Estimation of soil organic carbon stocks in Denmark

Torben R Christensen, Uni Lund:   Kyoto protocol??

Lasse Ringius, UNEP CCEE Risø:   GHG models/International negotiations

                        Gary Geernaert, DMU (NERI): Environment policies - IPCC 

                        Summing-up of practical work

General discussion and evaluation 


P:  practical classes or demonstrations in the afternoon



The course is open to PhD students from both Danish and foreign universities and institutions. The language will be English.

Registration should take place before XXX to the COGCI secretariat, Ole Lansø at Dept. of general microbiology, Sølvgade 83H, 1307 Copenhagen K.

Phone +45 35 32 20 50, Fax: +45 35 32 20 40, E-mail:  [email protected].



Reasonable costs for accommodation and food will be charged to non-COGCI students. – approx.  700 DKK.


Søren Christensen            Annelise Kjøller              Sten Struwe