Foreløbig liste for COGCI tema-dag om CO2   17. maj 2004



Kathrine Richardson, Århus Universitet

                     Global Change and the earth system


Jørgen E. Olesen, Danmarks jordbrugsforskning, Foulum

                     Agriculture in a changing climate


John Porter, KVL Agricultural University, Frederiksberg

                     Soil carbon in aglobal perspective


Kjeld Rasmussen, Geography, Københavns Universitet

                     Vegetation changes in tropical ecosystems


Jaques Gignoux, Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris

                     CO2 in tropical ecosystems


Xavier Le Roux, Université Claude Bernard, Lyon

                     Diversity effects in tropical soils


Torben Røjle Christensen, Lunds universitet

                     Microbial dynamics in arctic soils


Henrik Søgaard, Geography, Københavns universitet

                     CO2 fluxes in arctic systems in Greenland


Phil Ineson, Biology, York University

                     Greenhouse effects in temperate ecosystems


Karl Ritz, Cranfield University

                     Microbial diversity changes


Richard Bardgett, Biology, Lancaster University

                     Soil fauna and trophic structure in climate change perspective


Nina Buchmann, ETH, Zürich

                     Carbon-sequestration in forest ecosystems


Bent Tolstrup Christensen, Danmarks jordbrugsforskning, Foulum

                     Pools of soil organic carbon


Pete Smith, University of  Aberdeen

                     Modelling of carbon in soils