Ecosystem processes
PhD course spring 2004
Copenhagen and Brorfelde
Sten Struwe
Søren Christensen and Annelise Kjøller
Aim: The course aims at giving a general overview of ecosystems of the world and will focus on sensitive processes of interest in a Global change context. The course will also give an introduction for non-specialists to investigation of key-processes and tools to analyse biodiversity with emphasis on soil organisms.
Form and duration of course: A COGCI Thematic day in Copenhagen, followed by 4 days in  Brorfelde consisting of lectures, practical demonstrations and discussions.
Location: Brorfelde field station in western Sjælland near Tølløse
Evaluation: Group report
ECTS Points: 7.5
May 17-22, 2004
Copenhagen & Brorfelde
Monday 17    Thematic day on Greenhouse-gases and effects on ecosystems
                          This meeting takes place in Copenhagen
    Transport to Brorfelde field station in the west of Sjælland near Tølløse
Tuesday 18    Introduction to greenhouse-gases:  production, consumption etc
                      1. CO2           Atmospheric concentration, regional and temporal variation, IPCC
                      Quantification of fluxes, experimental systems and set-ups
                      Effects on ecosystems ? plant growth, microbial processes
                      C-sequestration,  other mitigation strategies
                      Group work on the Importance of Biodiversity, based on literature.
                      Presentation of projects by participants. 19  2. CH4            Atmospheric concentration, IPCC Analysis
                      Microbiology of methane production and oxidation
                      Rice cultivation, ruminants and termites
                      Ecosystems with significant methane activity
                     Group work on Land-use change, based on literature.
                      Presentation of projects by participants.
Thursday 20   Field trip to the Sorø site, observation tower in Lille Bøgeskov
                      3. N2O           Natural and anthropogenic sources, atmospheric pool
                      Measurements and representative sampling
                      Microbiology of N2O,  sources and sinks for N2O
                      Presentation of projects by participants.
Friday 21       4. CFC gases  Chemistry and use of  halogenated hydrocarbons
                      Quantification and methodology
                      Decomposition, natural sources
                      Group work on Greenhouse-gas mitigation strategies, based on literature.
                      Presentation of projects by participants.
Saturday 22   Final report from the groups
                      Concluding discussion
Teachers from Danish as well as European Universities and institutions
The course is open to PhD students from both Danish and foreign universities and institutions. The language will be English.
Registration should take place before 1 April to Sten Struwe at Department of  microbiology, Sølvgade 83H, 1307 Copenhagen K.
Phone +45 35 32 20 44, Fax: +45 35 32 20 40, E-mail:  [email protected]
Costs for accommodation and food will be charged to non-COGCI students.
Søren Christensen                Annelise Kjøller                   Sten Struwe