Charlotte Bay Hasager
Wind Energy and Atmospheric Physics Department
Risø National Laboratory
4000 Roskilde
phone +45 4677 5014
Fax +45 4677 5970
Email [email protected]

Employed as scientist in atmospheric physics at Risø National Laboratory.
Employed at Risø since 1993. Visiting scholar in Dept. of Meteorology,
Pennsylvania State University, USA in 1995. University teacher at University
of Copenhagen (UoC) at Institute of Geography (IGUC) 1990-1992. M.Sc. (1992)
and Ph.D. (1996) at UoC, IGUC. Specialized in climatology, micrometeorology,
turbulence, remote sensing.

Research interests:

Remote sensing analysis of satellite, airborne and ground based data
Atmospheric surface fluxes and aggregation modelling
Soil-Vegetation-Atmospheric-Transfer processes
The hydrological cycle
Earth system analysis and modelling

5 most recent publications

Hasager, C.B. and N.O.Jensen, 2000, Scaling-up evapotranspiration from field
to regional scale based on optical remtoe sensing scenes. Proceedings on
Remote Sensing in Hydrology Workshop, 3 -7 April 2000 Santa Fe, New Mexico,
USA, IAHS Red Book (in press, to appear Jan 2001)

Hasager, C.B. and H. Frank, 2000, Off-shore wind energy mapping using
satellite SAR. Ocean winds workshop at IFREMER, Brest, France, 19-22 June
2000, CERSAT News (in press, to appear Oct. 2000)

Hasager, C.B. 2000 Wind energy mapping using syntheric aperture radar,
Proceedings of Fifth International Winds Workshop, 28 February - 3 March
2000, Lorne, Australia (in press, to appear Sep. 2000)

Hasager, C. B. 1999 Model for scalar surface fluxes in inhomogeneus terrain.
Proceedings of Risø-NERI workshop on "Modelling Physical and Chemical
Processes in the Atmosphere", Roskilde, Denmark 12-13 March 1998 (Eds. O.
Hertel, Z. Zlatev, S. Larsen, T. Mikkelsen), 65-78

Hasager C.B. and N.O.Jensen, 1998, Surface flux aggregation in heterogeneous
terrain, Q.J.Royal.Met. Soc. 125, 2075-2102