Bo Elberling, PhD.
Research associated professor
Institute of Geography
University of Copenhagen
Øster Voldgade 10
DK-1350 Copenhagen K.

Phone:  +45 3532 2520  
Fax: +45 3532 2501  
E-mail: [email protected]

Research interests:
-Biogeochemistry in the vadose zone, water quality and pollution.
Particularly in relation to sulphide mineral oxidation, heavy metal
transport, soil weathering, and carbon cycling.
-Gas transport processes including diffusion and advection of reactive gas
-Geochemical modelling and speciation.
-Laboratory experiments in relation to oxidation processes and mineral
precipitation coupled to transport properties in porous media.
-Water and gas transport modelling.

5 most recent publications:

Elberling, B. & Jakobsen, B.H. (2000) Soil solution pH measurements
using in-line chambers with tension lysimeters. Canadian Journal of Soil
Science, 80(2), 283-288..

Elberling, B. (2000) Environmental controls of the seasonal variations in
oxygen uptake in sulfidic tailings deposited in a permafrost-affected area.
Water Resources Research, (in press).

Rasch, M., Elberling, B., Jakobsen, B.J., & Hasholt, B. (2000) High
resolution measurements of water discharge, sediment and solute transport
in the River Zackenbergelven, Northeast Greenland. Arctic, Antarctic and
Alpine Research 32(2), in press.

Elberling, B., Schippers, A., & Sand, W. (2000) Bacterial and chemical
oxidation of pyritic mine tailings at low temperatures. Journal of
Contaminant Hydrology 41(3-4), 225-238.

Elberling, B. (1999) Oxygen uptake and heavy metal release in pyritic
tailings at near freezing temperatures. In: Water Resources &
Environmental Research (eds: J. Macintosh & G. Dandy), 569-573.