Bjarne Holm Jakobsen

Institute of Geography

University of Copenhagen

Øster Voldgade 10,

DK-1350 Copenhagen K.


Phone +45 35322500

Fax: +45 35322501

E‑mail:[email protected]



Currently employed as an associate professor in physical geography, Head of Institute (Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen), Secretary General (The Royal Danish Geographical Society). Previously employed as teacher at a gymnasium, research fellow in The Danish Ministry of Agriculture and The Ministry of Greenland. MSC from the University of Copenhagen in 1980 in soils and PhD in 1984 from the Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen in iron dynamics in low land areas..



Research interests:    Soils, Arctic soils, carbon dynamics, geochemical cycling and Arctic, Holocene lakes.

Global Change                              



5 recent and characterizing publications:


Rasch, M., Elberling, B. Jakobsen, B.H. and Hasholt, B., 2000: High Resolution Measurements of Water Discharge, Sediment and Solute Transport in the River Zackenbergelven, Northeast Greenland. Arctic, Antarctic,  and Alpine Research, vol. 32. Issue 3: 336-345.


Elberling, B. and Jakobsen, B.H., 2000: Soil Solution pH measurements using in-line chambers with tension lysimeters. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 80: 283-288.


Elberling, B. & Jakobsen, B.H., 1998: Variations in soil solutions of Arctic brown soils at Zackenberg, Northeast Greenland. Earth Cryosphere, Vol. 1 (Jan.-March), pp 79-85.


Jakobsen, B.H. 1991. Multiple processes in the formation of subarctic Podzols in Greenland. Soil Science, volume 152, number 6: 414-426.


Jakobsen, B.H. 1987. Occurrence of Pyrite and Carbonates in a Lowland Area. Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, 57(3): 530-536.