Bent Odgaard

Dept Environmental History and Climate Change

Geological Survey of Denmark

Thoravej 8

DK-2400 Copenhagen NV


Phone +45 3814 2360

Fax: +45 3814 2050

Email: [email protected]


Senior researcher at GEUS. MSc from the University of Copenhagen (UoC) in 1980 in biology and vegetation history and DSc from UoC in 1994 in palaeoecology.


Research Interests:


Long-term land-use and biodiversity changes

High-resolution studies of lake sediments (varves)

Deposition of fly-ash particles in lake sediments



5 most recent publications:


Odgaard, B.V. & Rasmussen, P. 2000. Origin and temporal development of macro-scale vegetation patterns in the cultural landscape of Denmark. - Journal of Ecology 88: 733-748.


Petterson, G., Odgaard, B.V. & Renberg, I..1999. Image analysis as a method to quantify sediment components. - Journal of Paleolimnology 22: 443-455.


Odgaard, B.V.1999. Fossil pollen as a record of past biodiversity.- Journal of Biogeography 26: 7-17.


Broström, A., Gaillard, M.-J., Ihse, M. & Odgaard, B. 1998. Pollen-landscape relationships in modern analogues of ancient cultural landscapes in southern Sweden - a first step towards quantification of vegetation openness in the past. - Vegetation History & Archaeobotany 7: 189-201.


Odgaard, B.V. and Rasmussen, P. 1998.The use of historical data and sub-recent (AD 1800) pollen assemblages to quantify vegetation / pollen relationships. – In: Gaillard, M.-J. & Berglund, B.E. (eds) Quantification of land surfaces cleared from forest during the Holocene – Modern pollen/vegetation/landscape relationships as an aid to the interpretation of fossil pollen data. Paläoklimaforschung / Palaeoclimate Research 27: 67-75.