Annelise Kjøller
Department of General Microbiology
University of Copenhagen
Solvgade 83 H
DK 1307 Copenhagen K
Tlf: +45 35322045
Fax: +45 35322040
E-mail: [email protected]

Lecturer in microbiology and microbial ecology at the University of
Copenhagen. Organiser of microbiology courses and research activities in
soil microbiology. Participant in EU Global Change programmes.

Research interests:

Microbial decomposition
Dynamics in fungal populations
Ecosystem studies under global change

5 recent publications:

Kjøller,A. & Struwe, S. 1997. Microbial diversity and its relation to
decomposition processes. In  Functional Implications of Biodiversity in
Soil. V. Wolthers ed. Ecosystem research report no 24. European Commission.
Brussels. pp 83-98.

Miller, M., Palojärvi, A. Rangger, A., Reeslev, M. & Kjøller, A. 1997. The
use of fluorogenic substrates to measure fungal presence and activity in
soil. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. Feb. pp 613-617.

Kewei, Y., Guanxiong, C., Struwe, S. & Kjøller, A. 1998. Dynamics of
denitrification potential in a Danish forest soil. Chinese Journal of
Applied Ecology. 9 (2): 163-167.

Swift, M. O., Andren, O., Brussard, L., Briones, J. M., Couteaux,
M.-M.,Ekschmitt, K., Kjøller, A., Loiseau, P. & Smith, P. 1998. Global
Change, soil biodiversity, and nitrogencycling in terrestrial ecosystems:
three case studies. Soil Biota and Global Change 4: 729-743.

Møller, J., Miller, M. & Kjøller, A. 1999. Fungal-bacterial interaction on
beech leaves;     influence on decomposition and dissolved organic carbon
quality. Soil Biology and     Biochemistry. 31,367-374.

Kjøller, A., Miller, M., Struwe, S., Wolthers, V. & Pflug, A. Diversity and
role of
microorganisms. In Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in European Forest Ecosystems
ed. E.-D. Schulze Ecological Studies 142.
Springer Verlag, Heidelberg. pp.