Aksel Walløe Hansen

Department of Geophysics

Niels Bohr Institute for Astronomy, Physics and Geophysics

University of Copenhagen

Juliane Maries Vej 30

2100 Copenhagen OE


Phone: +45 35 32 05 67

Fax:     +45 35 36 53 57

Email: [email protected]


Currently employed as Associate Professor in Geophysics.


Head of Department of Geophysics, 1998-

Chairman of the Danish National Committee on Climate Research, 1989-

Vice dean of COGCI's PhD school, 2000-

Treasurer of IUGGG, 1999-


Research Interests:

climate, climate forcing and variability

dynamic meteorology (NAO/AO and the polar vortex)

Global CO2 modelling (NEAREX-project)



recent publications:


B. Christiansen, A. Guldberg, A.W. Hansen, L.P. Riishøjgaard: "On the response of e three-dimensional general circulation model to imposed changes in the ozone distribution". Journal of Geophysical Research, vol 102, No D11, 13,051-13,077, 1997.


D. Dahl-Jensen, K. Mosegaard, N. Gundestrup, G.D. Clow, S.J. Johnsen, A.W. Hansen, N. Balling: "Past Temperatures Directly from the Greenland Ice Sheet". Science, Vol 282, pp. 268-271, 1998.


T.S. Jørgensen, A.W. Hansen: "Comments on "Variation of cosmic ray flux and global cloud coverage - a missing link in Solar-Climate relationsships" by Henrik Svensmark and Eigil Friis-Christensen, JASTP 59 (1997) 1225-1232". Journal of Solar-Terrestrial Physics 62 (2000) 73-777.


Geels, C., J.H.Christensen, A.W.Hansen, S.Kiilsholm, N.W.Larsen,

S.E.Larsen,  T.Pedersen and L.L.Sørensen: "Concentrations and fluxes of

CO2 in the North East Atlantic region". European Geophysical Society XXV

Assembly, Nice, France 25-29 April, OA21. Abstract in  Geophysical Research

Abstracts, Volume 2, 2000, ISSN: 1029-7006. (CD) Also available at:

http://www.copernicus.org/EGS/EGS.html. To appear in Journ. Physics and

Chemistry of the Earth, ultimo 2001.


A.W. Hansen: "Vejrudsigten", Kronik i Politiken 15/3-00. Samme kronik er også bragt bogen: "Hvordan lever vi til år 2025", redaktør Ove Nathan, Politikens Forlag 2000, ISBN 87-567-6338-7, siderne 63-73.