Observations and modeling of the thinning of the Greenland ice sheet


Newest scientific results from NASA documents a significant thinning of the Greenland ice sheet margin in the southern and eastern parts. The observations are based on repeated laser altimetry data collected in 1993 and 1999, respectively. The observed thinning during this period is larger than can be explained by the climate solely. However, no firm reason for the thinning is given. The present PhD.-project aims at evaluating the observed thinning using a combination of multiple data analysis and ice flow modeling. The aim is to develop a non-stationary ice flow model to be used along a flow line of the ice sheet where the thinning has shown greatest. Then to run the model with a series of climate and energy balance conditions in order to simulate the thinning and to provide the most likely explanation for the observed thinning.


The project is a collaboration between GEUS and Geophysical Department at University of Copenhagen. GEUS has more than 25 years of expertise in observation and modeling of melting at the ice sheet margin. The Geophysical Department has expertise in ice flow modeling of the Greenland ice sheet.


Contact persons:


Dr. Carl Egede Bøggild, GEUS  [email protected]

Dr. Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, NBIfAFG [email protected]