Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs):

emissions, transport and epidemiology


A COGCI theme day and post-graduate workshop


3-4 October 2002



COGCI (Copenhagen Global Change Initiative) will hold a two-day meeting on the theme of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) and their ecological and health effects. Although widespread in the atmosphere today, even in remote areas, the processes underlying their transport to e.g. the Arctic and accumulation in ecosystems are not fully understood. Processes of bioaccumulation and the associated physiological effects (such as endocrine disruption) in both humans and other animals are not fully understood.


The meeting will be organised around three main areas:


       Emissions: sources, regulations and controls (including international protocols)

       Temporal trends and transport processes: emission, transport, transformation and deposition processes

       Epidemiology and ecological effects: endocrine disruption, bioaccumulation and risk assessment


The first day will consist of a number of key-note lectures with the aim of communicating the relevant aspects of contemporary research in this important area to the general public. The second day, which will be invitation only, will be run as a post-graduate workshop, allowing PhD students and post-docs to interact with leading specialists in the field. However, both the public lectures on day 1 and the post-graduate research workshop on day-2 will focus on central questions that are relevant to POPs in the environment, such as:


       How many POPs are there? Are there more than the 16 presently listed?

       Is the cold condensation hypothesis valid and relevant?

       Many POPs are no longer produced: are the concentrations of these compounds in the natural environment reflecting these reduced emissions?

       Do all POPs disrupt endocrine systems?

       How can the risk of continued POP emissions to humans and ecosystems be evaluated?


For further information contact Dorte Lerche ([email protected]) or Ole John Nielsen ([email protected] ), or visit our website ( If you are interested in attending workshop on day-2 please include a short statement of your research interests/project.


A full list of lecture titles and invited speakers will be released in due course. Poster in PDF format.