A new Ph.D. stipend is available in the area of degradation of pollutants in terrestrial ecosystems. The research will be carried out at the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland and at the Department of General Microbiology, University of Copenhagen. This project is supported by the Danish Research Training Council (FUR).



The intensive use of chemicals has resulted in contamination of soil and subsequent migration of pesticides or pesticide residues to the groundwater. Pesticide contamination of groundwater poses a major threat to drinking water resources on a global scale.

The overall objective of this research project is to elucidate degradation of chemicals by the major soil microbial groups. Such knowledge is essential for predicting the formation of degradation products that might leach into and contaminate the groundwater.

The effect of different soil parameters such as pH, temperature, humidity, nutrient availability etc., on degradation of chemicals will be investigated. Studies at low concentrations of chemicals simulating natural conditions will be emphasised.


A committee will evaluate the applicants. According to the rules applicants will only see their own evaluation and not the names nor the evaluations of other applicants. The general application form (which must be used) can be downloaded from, where the general rules can also be found. The form can also be obtained from the Faculty of Science, Øster Voldgade 3, 1350 Copenhagen K., phone +45 35 32 42 10. The application including attachments must be at the Faculty of Science, Øster Voldgade 3, 1350 Copenhagen K no later than May 1st 2003. Please mark your application “COGCI/FUNGI”. You must have obtained your final MSc marks no later than May 15th 2003. Questions concerning the project to: Jens Aamand ([email protected] ) or Bo Jensen ([email protected] ).